VIDLEARN™ Partners

VIDLEARN™ are entering their 7th academic year providing bespoke online resources and courses specially designed for Trainee and In-Service Teachers.

VIDLEARN™ courses are developed from the ground up—they are not dependent on any other platform or VLE—and do not require participants to immerse themselves in technology.

VIDLEARN™ is unique. VIDLEARN™ is a complete solution.

VIDLEARN™ resources are produced at our own studios, using Presenters experienced in Teaching and Teacher Training. The videos are professionally edited, adding dynamic chaptering and keywords for lightning fast navigation and targetted revision. These are then accompanied by the relevant documentation available for download by trainees, and interactive external links and books. Finally, the completed resources are grouped into modules where they are accompanied by online assessments, subject knowledge audits and electronically submitted assignments.

Our vision is to provide resources for teachers through pre-training, during their training year and NQT year and throughout their career through online CPD.

This vision is being realised this year with the consolidation of our courses into a brand new updated platform that is bigger, faster and better. The upgraded system builds on previously successful components and includes great new initiatives, including complete support for mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

VIDLEARN™ courses are populated through close communication and awareness raising to the ITT Community.

We are fortunate to have a growing partnership of Regional Providers that host our courses in order to localise elements such as tutorials and practicals. This also facilitates blended learning where the Regional Partners can add Taught sections to our distance modules and offer the complete blended course out to their own Trainees and that of Local Providers.

If you are not yet a VIDLEARN™ Partner, I would urge you to read on. Joining the partnership could not be easier, and there is no upfront financial commitment.